Waiting for

“Waiting for” can be described as a theatrical play with a number of set instructions constantly repeated, but each time in a different order. The piece consists of a programmed and interactive animation sequence shown online and resembling a computer game, but where the concept has been expanded and the actual game element has been left out. Rather it can be seen as a play that you control with the computer keyboard. There is no beginning and no end and the variables change, making every act different from the last.

The title refers to the Samuel Becket play Waiting For Godot. Of central importance in the play are the repeated elements in the two acts and the waiting for Godot, who never shows up. A play where practically nothing happens and where the hopeless and futile waiting is a key element in the plot.

You can play game here

The game is old (2008) and the technique from that time might not work with todays technololgy, but hopefully it works well on your computer. You need a flash player to see game, it can be download here

You can see a short trailer from the game here
To play the game you need a FlashPlayer, here

The game was made by: Olle Essvik
Programming and graphics: Olle Essvik
The music was made by Conny Skoog and Olle Essvik.

The game was made by Olle Essvik with Support by:








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